How to Choose The Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner in 2015

I have a confession to make: I have never liked traditional vacuum cleaners. There. I said it. I have always found them annoying to use. You have to drag them around your house constantly, you’re always running over the cables, and the stupid things always fall over if you don’t pull them in an exact straight line.

Backpack VacuumOnce I visited Home Floor Experts and made the switch to backpack vacuum cleaners, I have never once considered going back to traditional vacuums.

Not to mention, every time I clean the house I get to spend the whole time humming the Ghostbusters theme song to myself!

…Okay so I’m a bit of a dork. But this is the internet, and dorks rule here. So here is this dork’s guide on how to choose between the best backpack vacuums from 2014-2015!


Not all vacuums are created equal when it comes to sucking dirt. A good level of suction is an absolute must have. What’s the point of having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t vacuum or clean? Check online reviews before buying. If the reviews tell you that the motor is underpowered, or that the power is weak, then give that vacuum a miss.

Carry Weight

Remember that you will be carrying your backpack vacuum on your back for however long it takes to clean your house. Some of the gruntier industrial models can be a bit heavy if you need to carry them for a long time.

This is easy to check if you are shopping from a physical store, but if you are buying from an online site, it can be difficult to estimate how heavy a vacuum is.

For comparison, try filling a backpack until it weighs as much as the vacuum that you are looking at, then see whether you feel like you could carry it around for any length of time.
When buying online, some vacuums will give a ‘full weight’. But if not, then remember to add a bit of extra weight to your estimations for the dirt that you are going to be picking up

Noise Level

Always check the db rating of your vacuum. Remember that your vacuum is going to be running right next to your ears. If it’s loud, give it a miss, or be prepared to wear ear protection. A too loud backpack vacuum can easily damage your hearing. As a rough guide, anything above 85db can cause long term damage to your hearing.


You’re going to be wearing this vacuum for a while. If it feels a little bit uncomfortable at first, then it will be unbearable by the time you have finished cleaning your house. Make sure that there is nothing digging into your back, and that the straps sit comfortably. All vacuums will get warm when they have been running for a while, but a well designed backpack vacuum should keep that heat away from your body.

Armed with this list of what to look for in a backpack vacuum cleaner, you should now be ready to make the big switch, or just to update your current vacuum to a shiny new one. I’m sure that, like me, once you make the change you will never look back. Happy Cleaning!

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