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The 10 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

Lovable Pet DogIt is not always easy to clean pet hair and fur from our beloved pets that we interact with in every space in our homes. Animal hair found on the couch and carpet floors are particularly troubling to get rid of effectively. We love cleanliness as much as we love our pets and so something has to be done to keep all these in balance.

However, after reading this guide on Home Floor Experts about finding the perfect vacuum for pet hair, along with a review of some of the best vacuums for pet hair, we decided to compile our own list of vacuums.

You will never have to worry about hair ending up in the wrong places ever again. Easy job done. Yes, as simple as that. Here’s our list of the 10 best pet vacuums:

  1. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel – Have you ever felt some kind of smell or odor coming from the floor or where your pet likes to take a nap? If yes, then the Hoover T-series cleaner is the one for you. The vacuum comes with a bag that contains activated carbon HEPA, which helps counter pet odors and allergies.
  2. Kenmore progressive 21714 – This vacuum has an upholstery tool which will make your cleaning even easier. In addition, it is a certified asthma and allergy friendly equipment. That sounds good.
  3. Kenmore Intuition 28014 – The 28014 is excellent in pet hair removal from just any surface; carpet, bare floor and furniture surface. Easy to use because of its nozzle which is especially effective for cleaning hair particles.
  4. The Shark Navigator NV352 – As the name of the vacuum may suggest, this vacuum is easy to navigate surfaces just like a shark wonders about in the seas. The shark navigator is light and easy to use, with its effective brush which leaves the surface sparkling. The shark navigator does not spare pet hair on surfaces. The NV352 is also one of the top recommended pet vacuums on Absoluteadt.
  5. The Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet plus multi-cyclonic – This vacuum is the solution to what has been giving you a headache, unreachable surfaces. With great flexibility and ease of use, the Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet plus will almost clean surfaces where your cat makes it difficult for you to reach. This includes places like window sills and behind sofas. You will not worry the next time you see your cat jumping all over the place.
  6. The Bissell CleanView with one pass – Tired of moving the vacuum the same place over and over?, the Bissell CleanView will do it once to your satisfaction. This vacuum has a powerful suction that will remove all the hair in one go.
  7. The Hoover Platinum Collection LINX – Cordless for convenience purposes. Everybody wants to do it easy and even much easier. The cordless pet hand held vacuum is one you need.
  8. Eureka Boss Smart vacuum – This vac has a long cord to reach all the spaces in your home. The vac has special bristles that wipe out pet hair from under any furniture.
  9. Dyson DC41 Animal complete Upright Vacuum – This vacuum has a bag attachment to hold the cleaned stuff. It has fancy swivels which will clean dog hair beyond what you can imagine.
  10. Hoover T-series WindTunnel UH30310 – Able to minimize dust and hair allergy, this vac removes pet hair effectively without blowing them farther regardless of the floor surface, be it hardwood.

The above vacuums are excellent pet hair cleaners that you should consider taking one home, for comfort and general cleanliness that we all desire. For more information on how to make your choice, we recommend checking out this quick video tutorial:

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How to Choose The Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner in 2015

I have a confession to make: I have never liked traditional vacuum cleaners. There. I said it. I have always found them annoying to use. You have to drag them around your house constantly, you’re always running over the cables, and the stupid things always fall over if you don’t pull them in an exact straight line.

Backpack VacuumOnce I visited Home Floor Experts and made the switch to backpack vacuum cleaners, I have never once considered going back to traditional vacuums.

Not to mention, every time I clean the house I get to spend the whole time humming the Ghostbusters theme song to myself!

…Okay so I’m a bit of a dork. But this is the internet, and dorks rule here. So here is this dork’s guide on how to choose between the best backpack vacuums from 2014-2015!


Not all vacuums are created equal when it comes to sucking dirt. A good level of suction is an absolute must have. What’s the point of having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t vacuum or clean? Check online reviews before buying. If the reviews tell you that the motor is underpowered, or that the power is weak, then give that vacuum a miss.

Carry Weight

Remember that you will be carrying your backpack vacuum on your back for however long it takes to clean your house. Some of the gruntier industrial models can be a bit heavy if you need to carry them for a long time.

This is easy to check if you are shopping from a physical store, but if you are buying from an online site, it can be difficult to estimate how heavy a vacuum is.

For comparison, try filling a backpack until it weighs as much as the vacuum that you are looking at, then see whether you feel like you could carry it around for any length of time.
When buying online, some vacuums will give a ‘full weight’. But if not, then remember to add a bit of extra weight to your estimations for the dirt that you are going to be picking up

Noise Level

Always check the db rating of your vacuum. Remember that your vacuum is going to be running right next to your ears. If it’s loud, give it a miss, or be prepared to wear ear protection. A too loud backpack vacuum can easily damage your hearing. As a rough guide, anything above 85db can cause long term damage to your hearing.


You’re going to be wearing this vacuum for a while. If it feels a little bit uncomfortable at first, then it will be unbearable by the time you have finished cleaning your house. Make sure that there is nothing digging into your back, and that the straps sit comfortably. All vacuums will get warm when they have been running for a while, but a well designed backpack vacuum should keep that heat away from your body.

Armed with this list of what to look for in a backpack vacuum cleaner, you should now be ready to make the big switch, or just to update your current vacuum to a shiny new one. I’m sure that, like me, once you make the change you will never look back. Happy Cleaning!

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Neato XV Signature Pro: Make-or-Break Features

A seemingly futuristic robot vacuum can have a thousand and one features, but still end up a dud instead of a winner. What makes or breaks the vacuum is how each feature compliments every other feature, and produces a synergy that makes the product even more valuable. Such intricately balanced features can be found in the XV Signature Pro.

1. Suction Power Complemented by Maneuverability

A survey by the NPD Group revealed that one of the top aspects consumers seek in vacuum cleaners is suction power, which is a reflection of cleaning capacity. However, if a robotic vacuum possesses excellent cleaning capacity, but it just can’t get round every obstacle and access every part of the room, all that suction power would be useless. It would be much like a fire engine that can’t get to a house on fire.

Fortunately, this machine expertly combines suction power and maneuverability:- It features a reasonable 13-inch diameter and 4-inch height, making it capable of wiggling through, between and beneath furniture.- Using laser-guided technology, it automatically moves from room to room scanning, mapping and planning out a methodical cleaning process.- As it moves along, it cleans thoroughly using its combo brush specially designed to pick pet hair. Featuring an expanded head – unlike round robot vacuums – it can accommodate a bigger brush, filter and dirt bin, which pick up more dirt.

2. Beauty and Hardiness

We all know the unsightly look of an overused second-hand vehicle. It’s certainly not the kind of look you would want on your vacuum after just a few months of use. That’s why beauty must be complemented with hardiness.

Neato’s XV robot vacuum is clearly well-designed, presenting an appealing look that would work well in any living space. Moreover, judging from its 1-year warranty, you can tell that it’s meant to last. Hence, you shouldn’t worry that its good looks would fade any time soon.

3. If It’s Long-lasting, It Should also Be Energy Efficient

The amount of energy used in charging the battery once might seem insignificant; however, the total energy used in an entire year would certainly be a significant amount. Therefore, you should be wary of viewing a robot’s long life-span as an automatic advantage. If it’s an inefficient robot it’s sure to cost you much more in terms of energy bills, compared to a more efficient one that has a shorter life-span.

Unfortunately, this is the part where the Neato XV seems to falter, because it has a much shorter run time after charging, compared to several other robots (meaning that it uses up energy faster). However, this may be excused since it exerts more forceful suction power, which produces better cleaning performance compared to other automatic vacuums.

4. Effective Cleaning Doesn’t Work Without Good Air Filtration

If you’re cleaning the floor and polluting the air, what’s the benefit in that?

An effective floor-cleaning robot vacuum simply cannot do without a good air-filtration system. You can achieve this with the Neato XV by installing high performance filters, which capture fine dust particles and cut down allergens in exhaust air.

Based on these insights, you can see how detrimental it is just focusing on one or two features of a robot vacuum, without considering the enhancing or diminishing effect of other features. This Neato vacuum cleaner seems to have quite a well-balanced enhancing combination of its key features.

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Best-Rated Shark Vacuum Reviews

As much as reviews offer an excellent guide for anyone seeking a top rated Shark vacuum, you can only depend on them within certain limits. If you aren’t careful, a seemingly great review can actually mislead you from identifying the most suitable product.

Here are a couple of problems you may encounter in reviews:

Vacuum Testing

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the most thorough Shark vacuum reviews conduct real-life tests on the products.

This is immensely helpful, since readers benefit from an evaluation by a neutral third party, instead of just relying on the manufacturer’s claims – which might be a bit over the top.

One instance of the manufacturer’s claim being tested is seen in CNET’s review of the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away, which bears the claim of being better at carpet cleaning than a Dyson DC41.

From CNET’s review, turns out the DC41 – which is about six times pricier – outperformed the Shark. Although the Shark did put up a good fight and performed at par with Dyson’s DC50, which is more than double the Rotator Pro’s price.

The Problem:

Before you jump into conclusions based on these tests, you need to realize that they are normally just short duration of testing, when the product comes right off the box. If you’ve ever bought any knock-off product (just using this as a metaphor – not trying to suggest that Shark or Dyson products are knock-offs), you might have had the unfortunate experience of a product working wonderfully initially, then dying off a few days or weeks later.

In this regard, the suction power of a vacuum is only valuable if it can be sustained not just within a few minutes of testing, but for several months and years. In this regard, it just might be possible that the Rotator Pro’s claim of outperforming the Dyson DC41 in carpet cleaning would actually be true, based on overall performance over the entire life-span of the product.

And that’s not the only problem. Testing requires some universal guidelines, including:i. the testing environmentii. method of testingiii. aspects to consideriv. how to rank each aspect
Just to be fair, testing a vacuum is a rather stupid-proof activity of turning on the switch and vacuuming. However, you would still be better off watching a video of how the test is performed or even performing it yourself.

An In-Depth Review

An in-depth review will thoroughly evaluate every single feature of a product, giving you an illuminating picture of the diverse in-built capabilities. When evaluating various Shark vacuum models, you would easily see how fully featured products out-rightly out-rank any lesser-featured models.

The Problem:

Unfortunately, a thorough review of the numerous capabilities of a fully featured Shark model might influence you to pick such a vacuum, yet you would be much better off going for a simpler model offering greater usability.

This issue is clearly identified in a 2005 report by the American Marketing Association; which highlights the fact that people focus on a product’s diverse capabilities before use, but are more satisfied by its usability after use. In other words, you should consider a product that can do what you need it to do, for example, clean pet hair – not just one that can do a whole bunch of things.

Ultimately, reviews are useful, but you might also need to review them too before making your decision.

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Top 10 Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Red Oak Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floors are presumably the most complex areas to keep clean in the house. Reason being, they get heavy traffic than any other spot in the house.

The kitchen is also an area where you prepare your food and most likely, food particles may drop on the floor and stick due to hot and humid conditions. However, you don’t have to worry any longer as I have outlined some of the best cleaning tips from Home Floor Experts you can use on your kitchen floors to make your job much easier.

1. Clean Regularly

The very first tip is to sweep your floor at least once in a day and then mop during the rest of the days. Attack spills once they occur using damp paper towels. You can then detail the floor using warm, soapy water and a rag at least once a month to get rid of any stuck stain.

2. Make Your Cleaning Fast

If you love cleaning your floors daily, I would advise you to use the quick-mop system like the Swiffer. First pour your usual mop detergent and warm water in a spray bottle. Next, spray your floor and then apply the quick-mop method to clear out the dirt.

3. Use Vinegar on Floors

Another great idea would be to use vinegar on your floors. Mix one gallon of warm water and a cup of vinegar to clean the stuck stains and leave your floor shining. In fact, the vinegar solution is the best choice compared to hot water solution for profound cleaning.

Cleaning Different Types of Floors

Besides using the above simple tips to clean your kitchen floors, it is also good to consider the kind of floor your kitchen is made from. The most common materials are wood, laminate and vinyl. They all have different cleaning tips, which is what I’m going to show you next.

4. Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is the most common material used on kitchen floors. It is also easy to clean and maintain, but very difficult to shine once the stains are stuck. Here’s how you can shine them:

  • Start by sweeping your floor to flush out all the dirt
  • Next, use warm water and a rag to clean the area. If the dirt still remains, add a little Ivory dish soap in the warm water and use your mop to gently rub your floor.
  • After that, use towels to clear out excess moisture and let your floor to dry fully.

5. Cleaning Wood Laminate Floors

When cleaning your laminated floors, ensure to use little amount of water and then dry it immediately. This is because excess moisture may work in the seams and cause them to damage and swell the floor.

6. Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Never use water on a kitchen hardwood floor! Water damages and discolors wooden floors, which maybe a very expensive mistake to correct. Use a recommendable hardwood floor cleaner and a microfiber mop to clean your hardwood floor. You should also never pour the liquid directly on the hardwood floor.

7. Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

Glazed ceramic tile floors require low-maintenance. You will only use a mild dish detergent, warm water and a mop to clean up the place. If the stains persist, try using a commercial ceramic cleaner.

8. Stuck-on Stains

You can scrub stuck-on stains using a scotch-brite pad, but never use a wire scouring pad on your kitchen floors.

9. Kitchen Grease

If you happen to mess your kitchen with grease, simply remove it with a mixture of water and ordinary dish soap.

10. Mixing Cleaners

Be cautious with mixing cleaners. Read the warnings on your detergents first, to know how to use them.

Bottom Line

As much as cleaning kitchen floors may seem daunting, the key to getting them sparkle is taking your time and using the above tips effectively. It would also be a very good idea to keep in mind that some floors, such as wood and linoleum are reactive to vinegar. Thus, you must stick with your regular solution. This way, you will surely give your kitchen a spring clean to amaze visitors in your home.

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